19: Information privacy principles: 20: Application of IPPs subject to overseas laws in relation to information held overseas: 22: Relationships between IPPs and other New Zealand law: 23: Exemptions relating to IPPs 1 to 4 and 13: 23: IPPs 1 to 4 do not apply to personal information collected before 1 …

Nov 26, 2019 · Cantwell’s bill shares some similarities with California’s rules, which her proposal, if passed, would leave intact — while allowing other states to pass privacy laws of their own. June 03, 2020 - Sens. Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, and Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, recently introduced privacy legislation designed to protect the data collected, used, and maintained by COVID-19 Jul 10, 2020 · Related Posts. New Dubai International Financial Centre Data Protection Law Comes into Effect; Forensic Report Deemed Not Privileged: Capital One Ordered to Release Report Aug 01, 2019 · Washington’s Senate passed a bill on data privacy in March of 2019 with a 46-1 vote. The bill remains in the Senate after being passed through and amended in the House. Similar to the CCPA, Washington’s bill facilitates privacy requests for access, correction, deletion, and more. The bill has garnered support from the public and businesses

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The bill makes India a less appealing model for those nations looking to chart out a new vision of data governance that merges the right to privacy with important civil liberties. Though some privacy-protecting measures in the bill mimic several provisions of the GDPR, the legislation needs significant revisions if India wants to be a leader in Nov 27, 2018 · Ro Khanna’s Internet Bill of Rights is not yet an actual bill, and it was instead introduced as an op-ed in the New York Times.He put forth a list of principles that we can expect to surface in an actual draft bill later on.