Jun 12, 2015 · FYI: On the BSD's (including Mac OS/X), "ifconfig" is a far more sophisticated tool than it is on Linux. On Linux, those functions are now implemented in "ip" and "ethtool" (and I think there's a WiFi tool too.) "ifconfig" remains in most Linux d The ifconfig command line utility is used to get information about a Linux network interface configuration and to make changes to it. inet addr: Bcast: Mask:255.255 Nov 20, 2006 · ifconfig is a command line tool used to configure a network interface in Linux.It can be used to set-up any/all the network interfaces such as Ethernet, wireless, modem and so on that are connected to your computer. Linux ifconfig command help, examples, and information. Description. ifconfig stands for "interface configuration." It is used to view and change the configuration of the network interfaces on your system. You can use them to assign a second address. To delete an alias interface use ifconfig eth0:0 down. Note: for every scope (i.e. same net with address/netmask combination) all aliases are deleted, if you delete the first (primary). up This flag causes the interface to be activated. It is implicitly specified if an address is assigned to the

Jun 19, 2019 · hi, i want to know how to grep inet address for below below is the output of ifconfig command /home/JA> ifconfig eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:11:0A:5B:2E:E9 inet addr: Bcast:161 | The UNIX and Linux Forums

ifconfig详解 - 简书 ifconfig详解 ~@debian:~$ sudo ifconfig eth0 eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1A:4D:45:AF:12 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: ifconfig命令_ITPUB博客 2018-4-1 · ifconfig命令 许多windows非常熟悉ipconfig命令行工具,它被用来获取网络接口配置信息并对此进行修改。Linux系统拥有一个类似的工具,也就是ifconfig(interfaces config)。通常需要以root身份登录或使用sudo以便在Linux机器上使用ifconfig工具。依赖于

# ifconfig eth0 eth0 Link encap 10Mbps Ethernet HWaddr 00:00:C0:90:B3:42 inet addr Bcast Mask UP BROADCAST RUNNING MTU 1500 Metric 0 RX packets 3136 errors 217 dropped 7 overrun 26 TX packets 1752 errors 25 dropped 0 overrun 0

2018-8-27 · 许多windows非常熟悉ipconfig命令行工具,它被用来获取网络接口配置信息并对此进行修改。Linux系统拥有一个类似的工具,也就是ifconfig(interfaces config)。通常需要以root身份登录或使 linux命令之ifconfig详细解释 - 永远的乔布斯 - … 2014-10-8 · 许多windows非常熟悉ipconfig命令行工具,它被用来获取网络接口配置信息并对此进行修改。Linux系统拥有一个类似的工具,也就是ifconfig(interfaces config)。通常需要以root身份登录或使用sudo以便在Linux机器上使用ifconfig工具。依赖于ifconfig命令中 为什么我输入ifconfig命令后,没有inet addr这一 …