Virtual Private Server From $10/per month. Virtual Private Servers from ServerBone are a big step-up from traditional shared web hosting, offering almost all of the control of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the price and with much greater scalability.

Once logged in, navigate to your VPS dashboard and select “Create VPS”, followed by your resource plan selection. 2. Deploy a Linux VPS. For purposes of this guide, we will select Ubuntu 18.04 as the Linux OS. After selecting Ubuntu, simply enter your server name, password (or have it automatically generated) and SSH key(s) if you have any. How to Install OpenVPN Server on an Ubuntu 18.04 VPS or In this tutorial, we will be looking at setting an OpenVPN server and client using a shared secret key. First off we need to check whether the server and the client can communicate. On the server side use the following command to test the VPS server. $ openvpn --dev tun1 --ifconfig Buy Mikrotik VPS Server - VPN Server with Bitcoin, Perfect As explained on the MikroTik RouterOS FAQ , it can turn a standard PC or VPS embedded board into a dedicated router, a bandwidth shaper, a transparent packet filter, or a VPN server. Here we deploy per-licensed Mikrotik VPS, what can be used for the Routing, Tunneling, Firewall, and awesome networking purposes! Buy Mikrotik VPS with Bitcoin

Running a VPN server on your VPS – Everything you need to

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