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Attention: This is a Department of Defense Computer System. DOD computer systems may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including to ensure that their use is authorized, for management of the system, to facilitate protection against unauthorized access and to verify security procedures, survivability and operation security. Officer MILPER Information Management/Records—Personnel Qualification Record (PQR), page 41 Section I Basic Officer PQR for the Army Components, page 41 PQR for Active Army officers • 4–1, page 41 PQR for USAR and ARNG officers • 4–2, page 41 Section II ORB, page 42 Policy for the ORB • 4–3, page 42 Disposition of the ORB • 4 The DA Form 2-1, also known as the Personnel Qualification Record, is a document used to recognize a soldier’s classification, assignment data, oversea service, family data, and training. It is a form that is constantly updated throughout a soldier’s career with their new experiences. Sample of PROCEDURE Qualification Record (PQR) 1. Procedure Qualification ( or 2. Procedure Verification (COMPANY NAME BY PQR No. DATE PQR REV. No. REV. DATE SUPPORTING WPS Nos. WELDING PROCESS(ES) TYPE Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Robotic. joints. Joint Type Backing Backing Material (type) Groove Angle

Army: Retirement Points Accounting Statement (RPAS) • Army: Personnel Qualification Record (PQR) • Complete and signed CD Forms 301-302 Calguard CDTF Site (MUST HAVE WITNESS SIGNATURES) • Army: Submit the last two (2) consecutive NCOERs / OERs. • Medical: o Army: Printout of Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) report. Found under AKO, My

The PQR is prepared by a qualified or licensed individual and submitted to the people concerned. The inspector will then endorse the company and its product to the industry and market. A PQR is seen as complementary to a WPS because there are times when the PQR document is used to make a WPS document. I am having trouble figuring out my RYE date. Nobody seems to be able to give me a straight answer on how to calculate it myself My unit is useless, but that is another topic. I have a PEBD of: 2001 MAY 17 Initial Entry Mil: 2001 APR 21 Initial Entry RES: 2004/05/17 What is my RYE date? Technology PQR acronym meaning defined here. What does PQR stand for in Technology? Top PQR acronym definition related to defence: Pakistan Qualification Register

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