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Molecules | Free Full-Text | Chiral Diol-Based The Petasis reaction is an extremely useful transformation, in which an aryl, alkenyl, or alkynyl organoboronate is condensed with amines and aldehydes to give a branched alkyl amine [72,73,74]. The Schaus group disclosed an asymmetric Petasis reaction catalyzed by ( S )-VAPOL 5 to offer α-amino esters 89 in good yield and high enantiomeric European Journal of Organic Chemistry: Vol 2020, No 24 A traceless isoprenylation method of non‐conjugated aldehydes is reported. Synthesis of the required N‐Boc‐N‐(1,1‐dimethylallyl)hydrazine precursor, as well as the N‐Boc‐N‐allylhydrazones are described. Optimisation reactions for the rearrangement were performed and the scope of … Publications | Thomson Research Group

ChemInform Abstract: Asymmetric Petasis Reactions

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Petasis three-component reactions for the synthesis of

A multitasking functional group leads to structural