When does my Sky Sports subscription unpause, and do I

Cheapest way to get Sky F1 HD — Digital Spy I am an existing Sky customer with Full Sky subscription (Movies, Sport etc.) but do not use it enough to be worth the cost of £70+ per month I really just want Sky F1 HD and Free to Air channels but assume I will still have to get the full Sky Sports package to receive it (£46/month). All Sky Sports F1 UK channels have bad picture quality Jun 21, 2019

May 29, 2020

Cancel Sky what do you still get from your box — Digital Spy Sky Sports F1 is not available without a Sky Sports Subscription these days. People who had it in the early days still get it with the entertainment channels. It is sometime possible to continue to pay for Sky+ features (on the FTA channels) at ~£11/month You could try cancelling and wait to see if Sky offer a discount on what you are now paying. The best Sky TV deals, packages and Sky Q offers in July Jul 22, 2020

F1 Commentators: Meet the Sky Sports and Channel 4 teams

For completeness, if anybody does stumble across this thread in future. I had it confirmed that taking the full Sky Sports package would indeed remove my Legacy F1 Entitlement. I was also told that the F1 Channel is available as a stand alone subscription should I wish to return to it at some point in the future. Lewis Hamilton could match Michael Schumacher's record of 91 Formula One victories at the Italian Grand Prix and surpass it at Ferrari's 1000th race, set to be held at a circuit owned by the