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Comparison of webmail providers Note 1: Hotmail Plus, Outlook Live, MSN Premium, and Windows Live Hotmail Note 2: Additionally there are monthly total transfer ("bandwidth") limits. [13] E.g. 80 MB/month for the free account (as of September 2009). Note 3: Help information in Russian only. Note 4: Subscription-based upgrade is in development Note 5: Yahoo! Mail had announced free, unlimited storage space for all its members 773579 - Separator in IMAP-System is used wrong (^ instead Unable to reproduce your problem. Log for next. (0) free IMAP account, Namespace="INBOX.", delimiter=".". Tb 13.0.1 on Win-XP SP3. Select Inbox (namespace folder). (1) Request new folder of "AA" and "AA/BB" under Inbox from UI. Idea Informer - 4K Download Feedback

Comparison of webmail providers

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An anonymous reader shares with us an exclusive report from Reuters: Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, according to people familiar with the matter.The company complied with a classified U.S. government directive, scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo

Vmail - Faculty/Staff Email Service Description. Vmail is Vanderbilt's enterprise messaging system which provides email, calendaring, and contact management.