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Next to folder enter \\myfiles.iastate.edu\Users\ (if on campus skip to step number 8) If you would like your MyFiles path to attempt to reconnect at login you can select the check box “Reconnect at logon.” Note: The drive will fail to map if you are not connected to the University VPN service when not on the campus network. Connect to Class Server : Iowa State University College of Type \\my.files.iastate.edu\dsn$\classwork\[Folder Name] in either of those boxes; If you are on a lab machine you will see a drive appear. If you are on your own machine, you may need to enter your username and password; Won’t connect or gives an error? Iowa State University ISU College of Veterinary Medicine: CVIS User Interface: ISU CVM About CVIS. MENU · Log out How to Access Your Files on the CS File Server Note: If you are not on a campus network, you will need to log into ISU VPN to use these. Working on a CS Server Directly For a quick access to your files, Linux users can connect to pyrite.cs.iastate.edu via ssh while Windows users should connect to rdp.cs.iastate.edu via Remote Desktop. Windows users can download putty as a ssh tool.

Windows / Linux VPN Login Instructions - Iowa State University

Working Remotely Note: All off-campus access requires VPN If you want to work on the campus network from home, you'll need to run the VPN client first before using any of the options below. Phone: 515-294-3440 Fax: 515-294-4040 Email: statistics@iastate.edu Address: 2438 Osborn Dr Ames, IA 50011-1090

A virtual private network (VPN) connection is desirable for a couple of reasons: It provides enhanced security through encryption. It provides access to network services that have been blocked for security reasons. For example, since access to Microsoft file and printer sharing, and Active Directory is blocked at the Iowa State network border

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