Apr 27, 2018

Feb 29, 2016 · Compra el Time Capsule 2TB: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DBA1VYU/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00DBA1VYU&linkCode=as2&tag 不太推荐购买 AirPort Time Capsule。 Time Capsule 最主要的优点用一句话总结,就是对于 Mac / iOS 设备使用者来说又好看又省事: 1、Time Capsule 配置十分简单。如果你对网络设备配置基本不太懂,那么 Time Capsule 可以让你很容易就设置好并连上网络,之后就不需要去管它 The AirPort Time Capsule is a version of AirPort Extreme with a built-in hard-drive currently coming in either 2 TB or 3 TB sizes, with a previous version having 1 TB or 500 GB. It features a built-in design that, when used with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard, automatically makes incremental data backups. Oct 02, 2014 · The Time Capsule technically has two networks(one 2.4 GHz and one 5 GHz), but it depends on if you device is capable of seeing the 5 GHz band network. Note: If your issue has been resolved, please mark the post that resolved your issue as the solution. The first step is to make sure your Macs aren’t currently trying to access your Time Capsule’s disk. To be certain, open Time Machine’s settings within System Preferences. An easy way to get

Amazon.com: Apple Time Capsule MB276LL/A (AirPort Extreme

The Airport Time Capsule connects with Time Machine for Mac users. It's so simple to set up. Once set up, backups are automatic over your Wifi. You need do nothing more. Sync your IOS tech to your Mac. And then your Airport Time Capsule backs up your IOS devices as well over Wifi. Apple Time Capsule Remote File and Printer Sharing

Also, if you have an AirPort Extreme router, it has a USB port that can be used to attach a USB drive via wifi or ethernet, in effect creating a Time Capsule experience. 0 Bob LeVitus (@bob-levitus)