GoMesh is modified OpenWRT code which incorporates OLSR meshing techology with Chillispot hotspot. Developed to run primarily on Linksys WRT54GL routers, GoMesh has been successfully run on Asus WL-500W. Also, currently developing Fonera+ 2201 version.

CoovaChilli is an open-source software access controller, based on the popular (but now defunct) ChilliSpot project, and is actively maintained by an original ChilliSpot contributor. CoovaChilli is a feature rich software access controller that provides a captive portal / walled-garden environment and uses RADIUS for access provisioning and OpenWrt Forum Archive May 22, 2015 coova-chilli - fofware - Google Sites Por un lado debe trabajar como el chillispot, y en la mayor parte lo hace. Pero hay algunos problemitas cuando se instala en openwrt y más me pierdo porque el foro nunca se sabe cuando se habla de instalaciones sobre openwrt Kamikaze o Witherussian. Está el paquete para kamikaze, pero no es lo que coova-chilli tiene en su svn. OpenWrt Forum Archive

+# ChilliSpot-Authorize-Only in order to have any effect. +# Currently ChilliSpot-UAM-Allowed, ChilliSpot-MAC-Allowed and +# ChilliSpot-Interval is supported. These attributes override the uamallowed , +# macallowed and interval options respectively. +# Normally you do not need to uncomment this tag. +# option 'confusername' 'conf' + +# TAG

Make your home Wifi router a super router with dd-wrt Jul 06, 2011 captivenetwork - Portal cautivo - Chillispot | OpenWrt vs Portal cautivo – Chillispot | OpenWrt vs DD-wrt. Una vez que usted tiene como construir, puede comenzar con un simple Portal Cautivo con Chillispot. Todo lo que necesitas es un servidor FreeRadius & Servidor Web. 2. El Uso De OptWARE . Aquí he utilizado un router Asus RT N16, he parcheado con dd-wrt.v24-18024_NEWD-2_K2.6_mega.bin

[HOWTO] Setting up OpenWRT as a captive - ChilliSpot

Chillispot development continued, and it is possible to load the latest release of Chillispot into DD-WRT (more later, in an update to this DD-WRT Wiki article). Also, CoovaChilli is another entire firmware distribution, based on OpenWRT.